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St. Gabriel School
Norwood, Pa
St. Margaret Mary School
Omaha, NE

St. Gabriel's second class class interacted with St. Margaret's third grade class. The children were really excited to talk about what they did throughout Catholic Schools Week. St. Gabriel's student thought it was really neat to talk to another school in another state. Hopefully we can setup a schedule to tallk with them once a month. This was a great experiece not only for Mrs. Loomis but also for her students.

St. Bridget School, Philadelphia, PA
St. Margaraet Mary School
Omaha, NE
1209 miles

Looks like the 3rd grade at St. Margaret Mary School had a busy skyping week! Our 3rd graders were only able to respond thru text but hope to do better next time! It was exciting to be "in" each other's classrooms!

Conshohocken Catholic, Conshohocken, PA
Saint Genevieve School, Flourtown, PA
15 miles

Conshohocken Catholic seventh grade class connected with Saint Genevieve's seventh grade class. They discussed their school uniforms and found some students know each from summer camp. The students enjoyed seeing and talking with each other.

Conshohocken Catholic, Conshohocken, PA
St. Margaret Mary School, Omaha, Nebraska
1084.7 miles

Monday morning February 8 at 10:30, our third grade had Skyped with Mrs. Barb Gilman’s third grade class of Saint Margaret Mary School in Omaha, Nebraska. Our students had the opportunity to speak with Saint Margaret Mary’s third graders who told us about St. Margaret Mary. They sang together and discussed why Conshohocken Catholic is not named after a saint of the church.

Conshohocken Catholic, Conshohocken, PA
Saint Mary's School, Richmond, Virginia
209.6 miles

Tuesday, February 9 Conshohocken Catholic eighth graders connected with Saint Mary’s Middle School in Richmond, Virginia. They discussed tag days, the weather, sports, and music.

Our Lady of Good Counsel, Southampton, PA
St. Margaret Mary School, Omaha, Nebraska
Approx. 1,165 miles

On Thursday 3/11 at 10:30 EST/9:30 CST OLGC School's 4th Grade Class connected through Skype to Mrs. Gilman's 3rd Grade class in Omaha, Nebraska. First, we flew into Omaha via Google Earth to see exactly where it was located. Then we navigated to to find out the temperature, 36 degrees, and conditions, snow and rain.
We had a questions and answer session between the students. We learned many interested facts about living in Omaha. We also learned we have almost the exact same uniforms as them. And although we had 80 plus inches of snow here, we had only 3 snow days compared to their 8 snow days. All the students were completely engaged during this lesson and we enjoyed talking to students from another Catholic School that is located over 1,000 miles away